Catherine Archer, LCPC

About True Fortune Consulting

Hello! My name is Catherine Archer, LCPC, and I’m so excited to present True Fortune Consulting to you. Finding the meaning of what True Fortune is for you is the center of my Career Coaching and Mental Health Counseling work.

I believe life and career should be more than just your day job–we have an amazing opportunity to transform what you do into a brilliant facet of who you are. The spirit of True Fortune is learning how to leverage your skills, your values, and your job to make life feel more fulfilling.

My career started in clinical counseling and social work, where I collaborated with people from all walks of life who were dealing with a breathtaking range of life challenges. I learned that those who are successful in making positive changes in their lives are personally invested in their goals and learned to tap into what they find meaningful and motivating. I help all of my clients engage in this reflection as part of the coaching and counseling work we do.

Whether you are in need of some help with your career path, or want to focus more on your mental health, I have services available to meet your needs.

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